Saturday, 8 September 2012

Vampire Slayers - start your engines!

Some people get excited for Christmas.  Their birthday.  A wedding.  Thanksgiving.  And sure, these are all worthy of a little fanfare.  But it should be said, that our holiday calendars should be adjusted to include The Garlic Festival in Stratford, Ontario.  Harness your inner Buffy, make sure your fridge is chock-a-block full of butter, your shelves readied with olive oil and get yourselves to this celebration of the stinking rose!  With relatives like onion, leek and chive, no wonder 'garlic' is being celebrated.
To say that we're excited for this annual event would be an understatement of the greatest proportion.  Having just recently bought 6lbs of garlic from "my organic garlic farmer in Duntroon" it's amazing I have any need for more garlic.  But really, one can never have enough garlic and given how much we use in this house, it's a wonder I don't start growing it myself!  If you're looking for something to do this weekend - look no longer.  If you're a vampire ... maybe just stay in and watch a movie or something ... clean your pantry ... just stay put and don't answer the door.  Happy Allium Weekend One & All!

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