Thursday, 13 September 2012

Going under the knife?

What's a ShortStack to do?  On my most recent and terrifying visit to the dentist (yup, I'm a total wimp when it comes to dentistry) I was told I need to see an Endodentist.  A what?  Ya' ... that's Dentist-lingo for "Root Canal Specialist".  Once I woke-up from passing out at the mere thought of such a thing happening to little old me, I booked my appointment and have since resigned myself to the fact that although my teeth are in excellent condition (I floss people!) I should be brave, go and see this guy and MAYBE have him tell me that I need to go UNDER THE KNIFE?!?!? 

(I'm French Canadian and try to be as dramatic as possible when it comes to storytelling ... )

But then TODAY ... I read that for the FIRST TIME EVAHHHHH the Ontario Food Terminal is going to open its doors TO THE PUBLIC!  On the same day, at the same time, as my trip to Mr. Endodentist.  My heart breaks. Violins play in the background ...

This event sounds amazing, and being a foodie-nerd I've ALWAYS wanted to go and wander around that place ... and here's my chance ...

So ... I'm taking a poll ...

All those in favor of cancelling the Endodentist appointment and supporting a good cause (see, doesn't it sound less selfish to say that I'm supporting FoodShare?) ... say AYE!

And all those in favor of me missing this most fantastic event, being brave and sticking with the appointment ... say NAY!  (I promise not to hate you.)


  1. Don't cancel just postpone. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. Reschedule, priorities my dear. The Dentist office won't care they will fill your spot with someone else. You on the other hand will have mouth pain due to a bad tooth but you will have fulfilled a dream.

    1. Postpone indeed! I am laughing at all the FB comments I'm getting - I'm hoping the appt. with this 'root guy' shows that there's a big fat NOTHING wrong with me, and the 'shadow' that they've been seeing on my x-rays for the last 20 years is simply my halo :) It's just slipped down into my mouth LOL

  2. I had to share the fantastic FB responses we've been getting ... looks like the Endodentist is going to have to wait ... :) HOORAY!

    Birute Nakrosius Pilipaitis says ... "Well, you're probably asking the wrong person here. As someone who was traumatized by a dentist in my childhood ("no need for a needle's just a couple of fillings"), I will always drop the dentist appointment and go for the food thing! Besides, I LOVE food and it sounds like an awesome thing to go to! The specialist will still be waiting for you when you're ready, lol." 17 hours ago via mobile

    Nancy Barnett Elrick says ... "I was very scared of the dentist... until I found the right one (I passed out after a visit to the dentist as a kid.... fed my fear for sure!).... and then we moved.... and thankfully I found a great dentist here too. And sadly, two years ago, I heard the words "root canal" and I was scared beyond belief.... it was a long time to have my mouth open, but it wasn't bad at all. The only pain came afterwards... in my jaw from having my mouth open so long. I truly believe if you find the right dentist you can overcome your fears... As for what to do... I say reschedule the endodontist!" 17 hours ago

    Jennifer Rikley says ... "yeah, reschedule!!!!!" 17 hours ago

    Rebecca Robinson McKenzie says ... "Jackie, my 9 year old had a root canal in March - go to a pediatric endodontist in Hamilton - they put you out for it with chocolate! He didn't feel a thing!" 17 hours ago

    Heather Barnett Gelowitz says ... "Reschedule! Especially if you aren't in any pain--the endodontist can wait!" 14 hours ago

    Wendy Martindale Cerilli says ..."Reschedule, but do not be afraid. I have had many four root canals, although not pleasant, I agree the only pain was having my mouth open too long and that's saying something for me, the one who loves to talk."

    Rodney Saenz says ... "Do it! I had all four of mine done at once, under anesthesia. No fuss, no muss, and enough Vicoden at the end to put an elephant down. You can go to the Food Terminal anytime now, can't you?" 15 hours ago

    Melanie Gower-Skrlac says ... "I posted a comment on your blog but it's not showing up so here it is " I think you know my vote. Can I come to the food terminal with you?". Hehe. Why ruin a perfectly good day with a trip to the dentist?" 13 hours ago via mobile

    Carole Clarke says ... "Your appointment is on a Saturday? Cancel and go to your happy place." 11 hours ago via mobile

    Rachel Belcher says ... "call to know I'm good at packing gauze!"