Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Sand between our toes ...

The ShortStacks were in Oakville this past Saturday - seashells, sand buckets and spades in hand - to help celebrate a milestone birthday!  On the jukebox (okay, it was an ipod), the Beatles belted song after song.  Even Yoko wouldn't have been able to stop her feet from tapping!  On the menu, Mediterranean fare - from the islands of Greece, to the sunny shores of Southern France.  The kiddies splashed in the pool, and the adults beat the heat with libations from the bar ... and a trip or two to fill their bowls with homemade ice cream.  Many thanks for asking us to join you at the seaside Ron - "Don't grow up too quickly, lest you forget how much you love the beach."

See photos from the event ...

Sunflowers, seashells and candles ... sunshine and seaside on the mantle.
The dining room - if you listen closely you can hear the waves crashing in the distance ...
Table nibblies ...
Dinner's ready - grab your cutlery!

Grilled lemons for the shredded romaine salad.
On a side note - if you ever want to know what Heaven smells like ... grill lemons.

Orzo picnic salad ... chickpeas, sun dried tomatoes, spinach, red spring onions ... the kitchen sink ...


And as the sun set somewhere over the Mediterranean sea,
the ShortStacks sent everyone home with a lil' thank you gift ...

Herbed Mediterranean Sea Salt


  1. As the object of this event I can't compliment nor thank Jacqueline and Rachel enough for making this milestone birthday so memorable for me, my families and friends.


  2. What's this? Yet another ShortStack event I wasn't invited to?? You know one of these days I'm going to show up wearing a scarf around my head and oversized sunglasses...The event looked awesome and I LOVE those Sea Salt jars!!

    1. "Who's that lady over there in the oversized sunglasses ... and why is she shovelling food from the buffet table into her purse?" :) Love it! Thank you for your kind words, I must admit I was kind of in love with those little jars too :)