Thursday, 12 July 2012

Britain gave us the spice girls ... we returned the favor with spicy caesars!

Many thanks to our wonderful hostess last night - and to her ab-fab guests from sunny London (well, rainy if the truth be told, according to one of our diners last night!) In honor of their long journey to our land of ice and snow ("and sunshine!" exclaimed another one of our diners!) we wanted to welcome them with open arms, and spicy Caesars.  Always a party pleaser!  And if you happen to have the Queen popping by for a Royal visit , or perhaps Sir Elton John is swimming in your pool and feeling parched or Michael Caine is in town shooting a new movie and looking for something to drink and calls to ask for your advice, well ... here's the top secret recipe ... 

With a wedge of lime, rim an 80z glass (or whatever glass you like really) and then ‘dunk and twirl’ into a plate of celery salt and cracked black pepper.  Toss the lime wedge into the glass.  Add 2 ice cubes.  Possibly 3 if Elton's really feelin' the summer heat.

Then in a cocktail shaker add: 
1.5 ounces of vodka (or 2 ounces if yer’ feeling the need for a little extra ‘party’)
1 t of hot horseradish
1 t Worcestershire
1 t Tabasco (more if you like it hot … we like it hot … we secretly added more)
1 T of lemon juice (not REMON, actual lemon … from a lemon … not a plastic lemon)
~6-6oz of Clamato juice

And in the infamous words of the spice girls ... "Slam it to the left- If you're havin' a good time!  Shake it to the right- If you know that you feel fine!" ... then pour in your rimmed glass, toss in a skewer of shrimp, some olives, celery stick, pickled bean - whatever you fancy.  Oh and don't forget to serve dinner ... unless of course these cocktails ARE your dinner ... in which case ... better make a 2nd one for "dessert".  Cheers, happy cocktail hour. 


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