Tuesday, 5 June 2012

You say Granola ... I say GranOLE!

I guess we should answer "why" we would ever say granOLE when clearly that's incorrect.  Well, we were asked to come up with some (25!) creative Teacher-take-away gifts for a Teacher Appreciation Luncheon. The gifts had to be nut-free ... and portable ... and if at all possible, tied into the luncheon-themed-food-offering ... a "Mexican food theme".  If I'm being honest, my knowledge of authentic cuisine from South-South of our Canadian border is limited at best.

So ON went the thinking caps ... the result?

A little morning 'treat' for the Teachers to enjoy - we proudly present our Mexican Breakfast GranOLE!  (Get it?  Get it?)  While clearly not authentic in any way from a cuisine perspective, we did think that a clear 'nod' to the fact that these amazing Teachers can spend a few more leisurely moments enjoying breakfast now that summer-vacation is here and they're not having to DASH out the door to help shape young minds, was important.  So THANK YOU dear Teachers for all your hard work this school year.  Grab yourselves an EXTRA large mug of coffee, the morning paper and a heaping bowl of vanilla yoghurt topped with our GranOLE!  And if you've got a few summer berries in your fridge, throw them in too.  We're not sure about adding a whole green chile or refried beans to your breakfast bowl ... but we'd certainly encourage you to have a cold cerveza around the noon hour.  Enjoy your summer holidays - you deserve it!  (And if you want the secret-recipe, drop us a line!)   


  1. Yummmmm!!!! Where can I get me some of that...OLE!!

  2. Your company is doing great! I'm so happy for you-and I'm sure all the lucky recipients of your treats are happy as well! You are so talented and deserve all the success coming your way!!!!! I can't wait to throw an event so you can wow us all with your ideas and delicious food! You rock!!!