Sunday, 3 June 2012

Pimms Cups and Veggie Cups ...

Eat your veggies!  And by all means, feel free to 'shoot' the green goddess dip that's at the bottom of the cup ... really, nobody was watching :)  A HUGE thank you the wonderful ladies we met last night, and a special 'hello' goes out to some 'faux-big sisters' from my past.  You all look exactly the same ... maybe even cuter than I remember.  I hope you've all recovered from the Pimms cups we prepared ... the total calories consumed ... and from the occasional hot-flash we all felt in the kitchen that night.

Check your in-boxes for the dip recipe ... xo

Not a giant bowl of Gin & Tonic / Veggie Shooters / Grape Tomatoes with Almond Pesto

Chevre & Grape Truffles / Roasted Strawberry, Chocolate and Brie Crostini

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  1. oooooh it all looks so beautiful and sounds so delicious! Glad it was another successful event for you-not surprised at all though!!!